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Questions, choices and dilemmas around sperm donors are many. In this blog, we aim to provide you with our own and others’ viewpoints on the many issues and aspects surrounding fertility, infertility and donor children.

At European Sperm Bank, we have worked with sperm donors, fertility and assisted pregnancy since 2003. During this time, we have built a substantial base of knowledge on fertility, infertility and donor children.

We share this knowledge and much of our insights are available to you at our Learning Centre on our website europeanspermbank.com
Every day, we use our knowledge and experience, when we guide and assist women in their search for the right sperm donor. We are also in daily contact with fertility clinics all over the world and we are constantly updated on what goes on.
As one of the world’s leading sperm banks, it is our mission to give life to your choice to create a family through sperm donor insemination.
We find that a significant part of this mission is to make sure that you have the insights and knowledge necessary to make this your life’s perhaps most important choice. To make sure you have the best possible starting point; that you can feel confident about yourself and your coming child’s future.
We work constantly work to pick up knowledge and insights from the many women seeking to get pregnant with donor sperm in order to best provide answers to the many questions around using donor sperm.
Here are a few of these questions:

Sharing insights and knowledge can be vital when you are working your way through the information jungle around the concepts of fertility, infertility, IVF and the use of donor sperm to grow your family.
With this blog we wish to help you to find a clearer path through this jungle. Welcome!

​//posted by Annemette, CEO at European Sperm Bank