From Chemotherapy to Baby Joy


Lise is a client at European Sperm Bank. Her decision to use a sperm donor was caused by tragic incidents in her personal life. These are her words.

As husband and wife, it was natural for us to have children. Our first daughter was born in 2010 and soon after, we started trying for our second baby.

This was immediately put on a hold when my husband was diagnosed with both testicular cancer and pelvic cancer. It felt like the sky had fallen down on us.

My husband started treatment – they removed one of his testicles, and he received chemotherapy. Our doctors were very optimistic and had no doubt my husband would survive, and that we would have no problems making a baby with just the one testicle.
We tried for a long time but nothing happened. We went back the doctors, who referred us to a fertility clinic, where they began a number of tests on my husband.
The results were clear and devastating: There were no surviving sperm cells. Not even a single sperm to make an ICSI. I cannot explain how devastating this was to hear. We were marked infertile and sterile, and the pain of knowing that we could not have any more children was close to unbearable. Months passed and the pain just got worse.
In the end, I decided to contact European Sperm Bank – just to have a chat. I must admit that even thinking about using another man’s sperm seemed wrong. – The chat changed that.
I began to feel that we actually did have some options, and I introduced the idea of using a sperm donor to my husband. Let’s just say he didn’t jump through the roof with excitement.

Again, time passed and one day I said to my husband “I’m going to do this. I’m going to use a donor.” I chose a sperm donor that came close to looking like my husband, but after several inseminations, nothing happened.
In the meantime, European Sperm Bank had found a new sperm donor, who looked even more like my husband – I decided to change sperm donor and the clinic recommend IVF.

​FINALLY, I was pregnant!
It was a tough pregnancy. My husband was sceptical, maybe even distant to the pregnancy. I had to be incredible strong and convinced that when the baby would eventually come, he would fall in love with her.
And he did! Our second child, our baby girl was born in November 2015. We absolutely adore her! There is no doubt we would repeat the process again!

/​/posted by Stinne, Client Service Manager at European Sperm Bank (on behalf of Lise)