Grand opening in Aarhus


In May, European Sperm Bank happily opened the doors to our brand-new office and lab in Aarhus, Denmark.

​After years of looking for that perfect location to replace our old Aarhus lab, we found the most wonderful spot on the second floor of Guldsmedgade 22. 

This space meets all our wishes of spacious rooms filled with light, giving that friendly, welcoming and personal atmosphere.

Come take a look inside!

​Our new office is located at the “Latin Quarter”, which is the absolute oldest part of Aarhus, where buildings date all the way back to the 16th century. The history of the area is clear when you walk around and read street signs like Klostergade (Convent Street), Volden (The Rampart) and Borggade (Castle Street), as all streets are named after the buildings that comprised the old city.

Today, the Latin Quarter is filled with restaurants, cafees boutiques, and small organic grocery shops, giving it that vibrant and friendly atmosphere. So now, our donors can pop by our bank between shopping and coffee with friends.

On the18th of May, we invited our sperm donors, the local fertility clinics and many other business partners to see our new space and celebrate with us with drinks, food and lots of cake. We even had players from our Danish champion basketball team Bakken Bears come and shoot some hoops with us!

Opening day was nothing less than a huge success, where we also opened our doors for curious, potential donors and gave them a grand tour and a talk about being a sperm donor.

We sincerely hope our new, beautiful and welcoming location and the new, modern lab will bring us lots of interested young men, so we can keep doing what we do best: Give life to your choice.

Do you know someone, who would like to become a sperm donor?
We are always looking for new healthy and kind guys from all backgrounds. Check out our new website and find out more about what it takes.

Welcome to Aarhus! 

//posted by Stinne, Client Service Manager at European Sperm Bank

Choose your child


Maybe you don’t want a lot of information about your sperm donor right now… 

But have you considered that your child might want to know more one day?
And have you considered that personality also comes with the genes?
Here are a few examples of how and why you should choose a little or a lot of information about your sperm donor.

Basic or Full profile?
When you are looking for donor sperm, there are mainly two options on how to get it: You can buy donor sperm at the fertility clinic or directly at our website.
It can be hard to know how much information you want on the donor. At European Sperm Bank we offer a basic and a full profile on all sperm donors, so you can choose how much or little information you want. Depending on how you want to choose your donor, we give you three examples on approaches:

Choose by physical features (basic profile)
Simple and easy.

If you’re not interested in learning too much about the donor, you can find your donor based solely on basic, physical features such as weight, height, eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, ethnicity and blood type. Also included in the basic profile is a short description of the donor along with information on his education and number of pregnancies.

Choose by personality (full profile)
Personality traits are in the genes.

You can also find your sperm donor based on his likes and dislikes, dreams and plans for the future, travel plans and his hobbies. Maybe you like the active, sporty and extrovert type, or perhaps you relate better with a calm and carefull type of person. Remember that your child’s personality traits may reflect the donor’s to a certain degree.

The full profile includes a wide range of information about the donor’s personality, a personal, handwritten message and an audio interview, plus a 16-page temperament analysis (Kersey Test).
Also included in the full profile is all basic information plus a full medical report and family history, a description of the sperm donor’s physical appearance, medical history, baby photos and family history.

Open or Non-contact
Next, you must choose weather your sperm donor should be open or non-contact (anonymous). All donors have both basic and full profiles, so this decision is about whether you want your child to have the option to get in touch with the donor, when he or she grows up.

The sperm donor himself chooses whether to be a non-contact (anonymous) or open donor. The only difference is that children born with sperm from an open donor can contact us at European Sperm Bank to get in touch with their donor after the age of 18.

So, if you use a non-contact donor, this contact is not an option. It is not permitted at any time for non-contact or open donors to receive information about the children or the women, who have bought sperm.
Neither non-contact nor open donors have paternal rights over a child born with help from donor sperm.

Some parents prefer sperm from open donors, so the child has the option to contact the donor as an adult. Others prefer to make the choice for the child and choose a non-contact donor.
Whether you choose an open or non-contact donor, we recommend being open and honest with your children, and tell them about how they were created, so that it becomes a natural part of who they are.

My clinic only gives me very few options!
The high standard and quality of donor sperm from European Sperm Bank is exactly the same whether you buy it on our website or at the fertility clinic.

But most clinics only have a few donors “in stock” at a time, so a much wider selection of donors is available to you directly at European Sperm Bank. We strongly recommend that you choose your donor carefully and do not make hasty decisions.

Choose carefully and wisely
The extended profile may be more or less important for you as a parent, but for your future child it is a great and easy way to answer the questions that your child may have and a good foundation for you and your child to talk about.

When you start this journey, it is important that you carefully consider the amount of information you want on your chosen donor. If you’re convinced that you and your future child will be happy with basic information on a donor, then choose a basic profile.

But what you need to consider thoroughly is that your child may ask questions and want more information in the future. With a full profile you will be able to answer questions like what does he look like, what is his hobbies or what does he do for a living?

We are here to help
As always, if you have any doubts in this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at European Sperm Bank.

Remember: Carefully consider what decisions are the best for you and your future child!

//posted by Stinne, Client Service Manager at European Sperm Bank

Pregnant abroad


Some countries still have very strict rules about assisted pregnancies and who may receive treatments. In some places, only married, heterosexual couples can receive fertility treatments, and single women and lesbians couples are denied help.

What do people do then? Many choose to have the treatment at a private fertility clinic in a country, where the treatment is legal…

“Sandra” (42) is one of those people. She lives in Sweden with her two children, a 4-year-old boy and a girl of almost 2 years of age. Both children were conceived with the help of donor sperm at a fertility clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“When I turned 37, I started to wonder about insemination. I hadn’t found a partner to have a child with and I was beginning to worry about the age perspective. To meet someone new and start a family takes time, and I was running out of time”, Sandra says.

She had no desire to go out to a bar and get pregnant by a stranger, or force someone she had just met to be a parent. Instead she chose a sperm donor, because she knew that when you become a sperm donor, you make a conscious choice to help women have children. “And why not? The solution was right there”, she adds.

Where to go?
Until recently, it was not possible for single women to be inseminated in Sweden, so Sandra looked south of the border and chose a private fertility clinic in Copenhagen.
“I was worried that it would be strange and confusing to have such an important and intimate procedure in a different place, and I was scared that I would feel lost. But from the first contact with the clinic, it was clear that they had many women coming for treatment from all over the world”, Sandra explains.

“They had all the information about the procedure, they were kind and competent and I felt very safe”.
She made appointments with the clinic and went online to find her sperm donor at European Sperm Bank.

Finding the donor
“There were many sperm donors to choose from, and the selection process was quite easy. I found a handful that I liked based on the physical descriptions, and then I chose my favourite after looking at the extended profiles and reading about their hobbies, views on life, family history and all the other information.”

Sandra explains that she used the same donor for both children.

For her, being open and honest about how her children were made is important, so there are no surprises or confusion:  “…and sometimes they ask about why they don’t have a father or something like that, and we sit down and I tell them about what a sperm donor is and how mummy chose the very best one. I guess, as they get older, they may have more questions, so I have all the donor information on my computer for them to read. Also, I chose an open donor, in case they want to say hi to him when they grow up.”

Hard work
Sandra went through three cycles for her first child and two for the second. This meant a lot of traveling and time off work, which was exhausting at times. But for Sandra it was worth it: “You must make sacrifices to get what you want, so the going back and forth was just something that would have to work out. And it did. I still have my job and I got to fall in love with Copenhagen through all my stays there.”

Sandra’s advice to anyone traveling abroad for fertility treatment is:

  • Contact more than one clinic and pick the one you like best. Feeling safe and in good hands is more important than a few bucks.
  • Most clinics are open during weekends and some holidays, so you don’t have to take that many days off work.
  • Plan your trips as best you can – and take advantage of your “mini-vacation”. Book at nice hotel room, go and explore the city, have nice meals. Some fertility clinics can even help you with the practical details.
  • And make sure that you get to choose the donor yourself with as much information about the donor as you can have.

Looking for a clinic?
If you need help finding a fertility clinic, we are happy to guide you as best we can. Please contact us for more information.

//posted by Michael, Communications Specialist at European Sperm Bank

Where do I start?

PictureCEO Annemette Arndal-Lauritzen at Fertilitets-Messen

A couple of weeks ago, we at European Sperm Bank participated in the first ever fertility expo in Scandinavia, Fertilitets-Messen.

​The goal for this expo was essential: More openness!

One of the women we met at the expo, Jane, was there with her mom. She had been thinking about having a child with the help from a sperm donor for years, but she had never discussed it with her friends…

“When I first began searching for information about sperm donors, I really wanted to talk about it with my best friend, who were actually pregnant herself. Even though she would probably love to talk about it, I felt awkward and a bit inferior, because I couldn’t have a baby “the normal way”. The only person, who I was sure would not judge me, was of course my own mother. So I asked her to come with me”, Jane explains.

Seeing so many different people at the expo and talking to all kinds of passionate fertility experts, actually made me call my best friend and say “Hey, I also want a baby, and I’m more than okay by doing it on my own!”.

Jane was far from the only person we met at the expo, who was somehow reluctant to talk about fertility treatment and using a sperm donor. But luckily, as so many other different things in life, it becomes more and more “normalized” the more people talk about it.

According to, approximately 10% of children in Denmark are born with the help from infertility treatment. Some people have been struggling for years to conceive a baby, some have been wondering all through their 30’s whether to have a child or not. No matter what – if you have decided to have a child, you don’t want to wait months and years for your dream to come true.

At the expo in Bella Center in Copenhagen, we met a lot of people besides Jane, both single and couples, who were contemplating having children with the help from fertility treatment, and people really seemed to enjoy the open and honest atmosphere where all questions were welcome.

First step

We at European Sperm Bank work closely with fertility clinics all over the world, so please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you need a list of clinics in your home country. If you feel better with some beginner-knowledge about fertility treatment, several Danish fertility clinics has made thorough guides on where to begin. These types of guides offer great knowledge about fertility as well as infertility.

If you already know that you will be needing donor sperm, we recommend that you start by checking our 8-step guide.

You can also check out our FAQ, where you will find answers to the frequently asked questions about donor sperm, purchasing donor sperm, finding a sperm donor, health, safety and much more.

Our role as a sperm bank is to assist you in making the choices that are right for you by sharing our knowledge and giving you the tips that can make a difference. We work every day to give life to your choice to create a family through donor insemination and we are more than 10 years of experience in doing this.

You are more than welcome to contact us!

//posted by Stinne, Client Service Manager at European Sperm Bank

Ready to have a child? Come to Fertilitets-messen in Copenhagen!


Fertilitets-messen, the first ever fertility expo in Scandinavia, takes place at Bella Center Copenhagen 22-23 April 2017.

If you are thinking about starting a family, already trying, or if you are receiving fertility treatment, Fertilitets-messen is the place for you!

​Here, you and everybody in search of knowledge, facts, explanations and dialogue regarding all aspects of infertility and fertility treatment.

For the first time ever in Scandinavia, Fertility Link hosts a large expo in Bella Center Copenhagen with numerous expositions and seminars.

One of the reasons to have a fair about fertility is to share knowledge and bring it into focus. Today, most people are probably familiar with friends or family, who have needed assistance in trying to conceive. We all need to speak up and openly about it – let’s help each other and spread the word!

9 percent of children born in Denmark every year come in to the world with the help from fertility treatments. Most of the people seeking help at a fertility clinic are couples, who have trouble conceiving; some are suffering from PCOS, some need donor eggs, some need special procedures such as ICSI or IVF. Others are single women and lesbians, who need donor sperm.

Fertilitets-messen aims to break the taboos so often associated with infertility by providing unbiased information, and heightened levels of information, enabling you to make an informed choice.

We at European Sperm Bank are participating and we hope that you will come and meet us at booth number 09. We are ready to discuss and answer any and all questions you might have about e.g. donor sperm, how to choose a donor, differences between open and anonymous donors etc.

Would you like a free ticket?
We have 10 day passes to give away, so hurry up and email us, if you would like a free ticket.

We look forward to seeing you!

Time and Place
22 and 23 April 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00 at Bella Center Copenhagen. Show on map
More info at


Keep an eye out for the bike and the balloons!