Introducing European Sperm Bank’s Expert Panel

At European Sperm Bank we help women and couples from around the world every day. Answering all kinds of possible questions. This has now inspired and led us to creating a new Expert Panel where we cooperate with selected experts from each their field. They all have years of both personal and work-related experience and will kindly share their thorough knowledge on their specific topic.

Our goal is to constantly be even better in helping our clients, and to collect relevant and inspirational information that we can share on our blog and other platforms. It’s our hope that you will get a lot of inspiration and knowledge – but also that you will get in touch or comment if you have anything you would like to ask or discuss.

Welcome to the first 3 members of the Expert Panel

Our newest blogger, Henriette Cranil, is a psychologist and mother to 7 years old donor twins. As a psychologist, Henriette has made it one of her specialities to advise singles and couples in having children with a donor. She helps find solutions to the many questions and dilemmas that rise when they consider conceiving with the help from a donor and later when they need advice as parents. Additionally, Henriette is an experienced keynote speaker and she makes use of both her professional and personal experiences in her blog posts and key notes. She touches upon questions such as: should my donor be anonymous or known? What is important when both mom and child/children must prosper in everyday life with only one parent? Are there any taboos regarding receiving help from a donor? In a lesbian relationship, how does the parent, who is not carrying the baby, feel? As a single mom, how do I speak with my child about it not having a father?

Søs Jørgensen is a specialized Family Health Care Nurse with over 20 years of experience. In addition to her daily job as a health care nurse, she also holds a Master’s degree in Health and Humanity as well as advanced courses within family therapy. She knows firsthand of the joys and issues when bringing a newborn home. Her expertise ranges from health-related issues doing pregnancy, nursing, challenges when beginning kindergarten and school to the overwhelming obstacles any teenager might face.

Dorte Egeberg Palme was recently awarded the PhD degree from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen. During her PhD studies, Dorte has focused on automatization and development of sperm analysis at the Department of Growth and Reproduction, University Hospital of Copenhagen (Denmark). Dorte has great knowledge in the male reproductive health and in the future, she will scientifically contribute to the further development at European Sperm Bank.

Get in touch

We highly encourage all of you to send us any questions you might have. Either make a comment on a post or email us. You can address your questions to the expert of your choice or you can contact our staff for general information.