Small girl sitting at a table reading a children's book.

Children’s books for talking about donor conception and modern families

Small girl sitting at a table and reading a children's book.

Telling your child that he or she is donor-conceived can seem a little mind-boggling. Where do you start? And how do you approach the topic? Thankfully, there are plenty of children’s books out there that can lend a hand and provide you with vocabulary and imagery to relay the story to your child.

Here’s a list that we have compiled in collaboration with the Danish not-for-profit organisation Donorbørns Vilkår (Welfare Society for Donor Children). You can read more about them on their website (in Danish).

And if you’re wondering how to go about talking to your child about donor conception, we created a comprehensive guide with age-appropriate advice:

Read our guide: Telling Your Child that He/She Is Donor-Conceived

The following list contains children’s books in English and Danish. If you know any great children’s books about donor conception or modern family types, we’d love to hear from you, so we can add them to the list.

A few of the books are free and can be downloaded directly from the web.

English children’s books about being donor-conceived

  • Meeting my brother by Jennifer L. Dukoff
  • Our Story – How We Became A Family. The not-for-profit organisation Donor Conception Network has a wealth of books for all family types. You can see the full selection of books on download them directly from their website.
  • Hope And Will Have A Baby – The Gift of Egg Donation by Irene Celcer
  • Sometimes It Takes Three To Make A Baby by Melbourne IVF. About egg donation in a family of mum and dad. You can download the book for free here.
  • The Pea That Was Me by Kimberly Kluger-Bell

Danish children’s books

  • Astrid er donorbarn af Lone Løhde Rye
  • Slottet med de mange værelser. Hvordan er du blevet til? af Helene Goldberg og Maruska la Cour Mosegaard
  • Hvor er Karlas far? af Pia Olsen og Karla Elena Olsen
  • Forunderlige familier af Gitte Camilla Buus Lyngbye mfl.
  • Karla leger mor og børn af Pia Olsen og Karla Elena Olsen
  • Mor og Kærlighedsbarnet – en solomor-barn familie bliver til af Signe Fjord
  • Niller Pilfinger af Stine Josefine Dige
  • Karla ønsker sig en far af Pia Olsen og Karla Elena Olsen
  • Blev du til ved et knald af Trine Bundsgaard
  • Nu er det min tur – Maries mor og mutti af Cecilia Hafezan Abel
  • Tristan er donorbarn – HVEM er Tristans far? af Cecilia Hafezan Abel
  • Oline er donorbarn – HVEM ligner jeg? af Cecilia Hafezan Abel
  • Karla har en strømpetyv i familien af Pia Olsen og Karla Elena Olsen
  • Hjalte og Vega – børnebøger om en regnbuefamilie af Marianne Birkeskov
  • Hvem henter mig? af Signe Fjord
  • Hvor er din far Polka? af Marie Duedahl
  • Velkommen i familien af Mary Hoffman