A visit from Ladies Circle


In September, European Sperm Bank had a visit from Ladies Circle at our department in Aarhus. We asked Martha Rasch, one of these ladies, to write a few words on how it was to visit a sperm bank (with absolutely no background knowledge). 

Ladies Circle is an international, independent social networking organisation for young women aged between 18 and 45, founded in 1932. They aim to promote friendship through social contact at local, national and international level and to be of service to the community.

​A main activity of Ladies Circle is to visit and explore companies and when they contacted us for a company presentation, we gladly opened our doors. ​This is how Martha Rasch of Ladies Circle describes her visit:

”On a Wednesday after opening hours, we at Ladies Circle visited European Sperm Bank in Aarhus. Three employees from the bank gave us a company presentation with main focus on how to choose a sperm donor. They also provided us with a little guided tour in the lab, so we could have a look at what it is all about: The sperm cells! 

After the presentation, we talked about all the issues concerning fertility treatment, and what impressed us the most, was that this company sincerely consider and reflect on both morally and ethically issues concerning donor sperm. I got the impression that this certainly is no normal day-to-day job. This is a company with employees, who are indescribable driven and passionate about what they do, and their moral and ethical values go above all. 

For outsiders as we are, it can be very difficult to understand the procedures and the legislation when it comes to handling and distributing donor sperm. Even though European Sperm Bank easily could use more donors because of the high demand, the company will never compromise on quality of the sperm or the fysical and mental health of their donors. Beside the physical requirements, each potential donor has to go through numerous examinations and screenings before he is  approved by the doctors. 

We got the impression that European Sperm Bank have chosen no easy or cheap way to handle all this.
They spend a lot of time and resources to make sure everything is handled in the most proper way and to make sure the quality standards are the highest. I would actually go as far as to say that European Sperm Bank know more about their donors than most women know about their men!” 

//by Martha Rasch, assistant attorney, on behalf of Ladies Circle.