About European Sperm Bank

European Sperm Bank was founded by Peter Bower, PhD, in 2004 with the intent of creating a safe, transparent and accessible organisation dedicated to women seeking assisted pregnancy with donor sperm.

As a sperm bank, we find it vital that you have trust in what we do. It is the foundation for giving you a great experience when you work with us. Our value-driven approach underpins our commitment to building trust: we are always thinking about the future in defining how we handle the most important aspects of our business: sperm, service and shipping.


About the blog

This blog contains personal stories told and/or written voluntarily byemployees at European Sperm Bank, bloggers or people with a story they want to share. These stories are their own and are not written under instructions from European Sperm Bank. Consequently, all opinions or experiences shared here may not represent the views of European Sperm Bank. ​Pictures on this blog do not nessecarily portray the author or anyone mentioned in the posts.