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What is MOT?

If you are already in fertility treatment you most certainly have heard about MOT. MOT is short for “Motile Total”, which is the way to express how many sperm cells are healthy and moving in a forward direction.  MOT is counted in millions per milliliter. This means that MOT20 equals 20 million healthy sperm cells […]

Should you give up on your dream of a child?

The answer is no. Not when we’re here to help you.  ​​All over, more and more people seek help to conceive children. Some of these people are in relationships, but many are not. They are defined as the so-called solo moms, single moms, DIY moms etc. To us they are merely: moms! If you google the […]

Why are you a sperm donor?

At European Sperm Bank we are very proud of our sperm donors. Selflessly they bring joy to so may people all over the world, and by giving a little part of themselves, they make it possible for others to have their dream of a child come true. But why take our word for it? Let’s […]

A visit from Ladies Circle

In September, European Sperm Bank had a visit from Ladies Circle at our department in Aarhus. We asked Martha Rasch, one of these ladies, to write a few words on how it was to visit a sperm bank (with absolutely no background knowledge).  Ladies Circle is an international, independent social networking organisation for young women […]

Sperm donation: Changing the lives of others

The sperm donors at European Sperm Bank are very much aware of the good they do, but the inspiration to become a sperm donor comes from many angles. Being a sperm donor is not mainstream like giving blood. Perhaps it should be? Especially when you look at the good that sperm donors do for people […]

Lucy: “I Am a Sperm Donor Baby”

Lucy and her twin brother (photo owned by Lucy McDonald) How does a child cope with having a sperm donor as her biological father? This is a concern with many parents of donor-conceived children. In a very honest article “I Am a Sperm Donor Baby and I Don’t Care Who My Dad Is”, Lucy explains […]

 We test sperm donors for Zika virus

Zika virus is a growing concern in many parts of the world. We test all sperm donors that have travelled to countries where the Zika virus is present. As we travel the world, we are more susceptible to contract diseases and to be infected by different types of vira. This is also true for the […]

Are the kids all right? 

It’s on our minds and it’s probably on yours, too. How are the kids doing? Is it more challenging to be a family with donor children? Not really. Psychological studies have shown that families with donor children are doing well. A recent study out of the University of Cambridge in the UK among 103 mothers (51 […]

I am a sperm donor

What considerations and reasons do sperm donors have for donating? Why do they put in all the time and effort? Could it just be the money, or are they also thinking about the good they do and the people they help? We have asked a few. For one of our sperm donor, the inspiration, conviction and dedication to become […]