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How to get pregnant

How to get pregnant It is a simple question, but the answer is rarely that simple. To most people, it actually comes as quite a shock when they learn how many obstacles might be on their way. A while back, we tried to explain the different fertility treatment options but understanding the process on actually HOW […]

“It tears every part of your life away”: the truth about male infertility

This article was published by The Guardian in November 2017. The article is written by Jenny Kleeman and it provides a significant insight in the thoughts and troubles, that many couples suffering with infertility are struggling with. Especially, the article focuses on the fact, that most practical and emotional support are aimed at women: “My first thought […]

Denmark legalizes double donation!

Yesterday the Danish Parliament legalized double donation. This will be carried into effect as of January 1st, 2018. It is a fantastic breakthrough, especially for single women and lesbians with poor egg quality. But also for couples who struggle with both poor egg and sperm quality. The existing legislation banned the possibility of double donation due […]

“Most men will donate sperm because they want to help”

In October 2017 students at Brand Design at KEA were briefed by European Sperm Bank on a challenge called “How to attract and motivate young men to become sperm donors?”. Here is what one of their lecturers thought about the task.  ”If you are in a relationship, your partner has a huge influence whether or not […]