Can a poor diet delay pregnancy?

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According to a new reaseach from University of Adelaide, which has been published in the Journal of Human Reproduction “Women who shun fruit or eat lots of fast food take longer to get pregnant and are less likely to conceive within a year”.

“These findings show that eating a good quality diet that includes fruits and minimising fast food consumption improves fertility and reduces the time it takes to get pregnant,” said lead researcher Claire Robers, a professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

“We recommend that women who want to become pregnant should align their dietary intakes toward national dietary recommendations for pregnancy,” said lead author Jessica Grieger, a researchers at the University of Adelaide.

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Danish Fertility expert Nanna Stigel has prevously written on the blog on how to increase fertility. She says:

​”Fertility is a complex field to study. Almost every part of one’s body and lifestyle should – in my opinion – be taken into consideration: diet, general lifestyle, medical history, potential lack of nutrition, environmental impact and stress level. It all matters. The essential point is that many of these factors that affect fertility can be changed to the better.

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