Third edition of German LBGT handbook out now


The renowned German handbook Regenbogenfamilien. Ein Handbuch has been revised and published in its third edition. It is now available from the publisher. 

Regenbogenfamilien. Ein Handbuch by German author Stephanie Gerlach is considered the standard on all aspects, issues, questions and concerns when LGBT couples consider starting a family in German-speaking countries.

Now in its third revised edition, this comprehensive German language compendium gives new and updated invaluable insight on decisions, prospective parents will need to confront: from adoption, sperm donors, pregnancy and artificial insemination to foster families and puberty.

In addition, the author includes more interviews with LGBT families, who share their experiences with the readers.

The book is an indispensable reference tool for anyone considering parenthood.


You can order the book now at

​​Stephanie Gerlach is a social worker and lives with in Munic with her wife and daughter. She works as a freelance consultant to same-sex couples and families, and has developed and worked with anti-homophobia training since 1998. She has also published various scientific articles on lesbian and gay parenting.

European Sperm Bank has proudly sponsored the publication of this third edition.

//posted by Adam