Choose your child


Maybe you don’t want a lot of information about your sperm donor right now… 

But have you considered that your child might want to know more one day?
And have you considered that personality also comes with the genes?
Here are a few examples of how and why you should choose a little or a lot of information about your sperm donor.

Basic or Full profile?
When you are looking for donor sperm, there are mainly two options on how to get it: You can buy donor sperm at the fertility clinic or directly at our website.
It can be hard to know how much information you want on the donor. At European Sperm Bank we offer a basic and a full profile on all sperm donors, so you can choose how much or little information you want. Depending on how you want to choose your donor, we give you three examples on approaches:

Choose by physical features (basic profile)
Simple and easy.

If you’re not interested in learning too much about the donor, you can find your donor based solely on basic, physical features such as weight, height, eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, ethnicity and blood type. Also included in the basic profile is a short description of the donor along with information on his education and number of pregnancies.

Choose by personality (full profile)
Personality traits are in the genes.

You can also find your sperm donor based on his likes and dislikes, dreams and plans for the future, travel plans and his hobbies. Maybe you like the active, sporty and extrovert type, or perhaps you relate better with a calm and carefull type of person. Remember that your child’s personality traits may reflect the donor’s to a certain degree.

The full profile includes a wide range of information about the donor’s personality, a personal, handwritten message and an audio interview, plus a 16-page temperament analysis (Kersey Test).
Also included in the full profile is all basic information plus a full medical report and family history, a description of the sperm donor’s physical appearance, medical history, baby photos and family history.

Open or Non-contact
Next, you must choose weather your sperm donor should be open or non-contact (anonymous). All donors have both basic and full profiles, so this decision is about whether you want your child to have the option to get in touch with the donor, when he or she grows up.

The sperm donor himself chooses whether to be a non-contact (anonymous) or open donor. The only difference is that children born with sperm from an open donor can contact us at European Sperm Bank to get in touch with their donor after the age of 18.

So, if you use a non-contact donor, this contact is not an option. It is not permitted at any time for non-contact or open donors to receive information about the children or the women, who have bought sperm.
Neither non-contact nor open donors have paternal rights over a child born with help from donor sperm.

Some parents prefer sperm from open donors, so the child has the option to contact the donor as an adult. Others prefer to make the choice for the child and choose a non-contact donor.
Whether you choose an open or non-contact donor, we recommend being open and honest with your children, and tell them about how they were created, so that it becomes a natural part of who they are.

My clinic only gives me very few options!
The high standard and quality of donor sperm from European Sperm Bank is exactly the same whether you buy it on our website or at the fertility clinic.

But most clinics only have a few donors “in stock” at a time, so a much wider selection of donors is available to you directly at European Sperm Bank. We strongly recommend that you choose your donor carefully and do not make hasty decisions.

Choose carefully and wisely
The extended profile may be more or less important for you as a parent, but for your future child it is a great and easy way to answer the questions that your child may have and a good foundation for you and your child to talk about.

When you start this journey, it is important that you carefully consider the amount of information you want on your chosen donor. If you’re convinced that you and your future child will be happy with basic information on a donor, then choose a basic profile.

But what you need to consider thoroughly is that your child may ask questions and want more information in the future. With a full profile you will be able to answer questions like what does he look like, what is his hobbies or what does he do for a living?

We are here to help
As always, if you have any doubts in this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at European Sperm Bank.

Remember: Carefully consider what decisions are the best for you and your future child!

//posted by Stinne, Client Service Manager at European Sperm Bank