Denmark legalizes double donation!

Yesterday the Danish Parliament legalized double donation. This will be carried into effect as of January 1st, 2018. It is a fantastic breakthrough, especially for single women and lesbians with poor egg quality. But also for couples who struggle with both poor egg and sperm quality.

The existing legislation banned the possibility of double donation due to the argument that a child had to be genetically linked to at least one of its parents. This will change now.

It is the opinion of both the Ethical Counsel and the Government that care, love and trust are the most important factors in a child’s life. However, the Danish Government also acknowledge that a strong relation between a child and parent has a crucial impact on a child’s upbringing and that the biological link shouldn’t be underestimated.

And to be honest we agree completely. What could be a more beautiful argumentation than this? “Parenthood is not something to be found in the genes”, as our Clinical Geneticist, at European Sperm Bank, Susanne Timshel, so nicely and correctly puts it. “Parenthood is something you learn, you do and you give based upon love. And love isn’t in our genes”.

The world around us changes constantly and family structures today are numerous and varied. Children grow up in so many alternative types of families/rainbow/mixed etc. – not only the traditional nuclear family. This is also why the Ethical council and Government have decided on a far more liberal legislation on the area.

How to get help

The new law comes with two requirements – firstly there must be a diagnosed health issue and secondly one of the donors will have to be categorized as open donor, so the child will have the option of getting limited knowledge about its genetic background.

Fertility clinics in Denmark and around Europe provide help when in need of either or both donor eggs and sperm donors. To undergo a fertility procedure, Danish policies establish that the intended mother is not older than 46 years old. This specific age limit may not count in other countries.

At European Sperm Bank, our goal is to help as many people as possible to fulfill their dream of having children, and to do our part to give these children the best possible conditions and foundation to become happy human beings.

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