France: Fertility treatment for singles and lesbians

During the presidential election in France, Emmanuel Macron promised to legislate on access to medically assisted procreation for single women and lesbians if he was elected. 
​In France, medically assisted procreation is reserved to heterosexual couples only, with most or all of the bill paid for by public healthcare funds.
Macron said, during his campaign, that he would wait for the recommendation from the National Consultative Committee on Ethics to reach the largest consensus.
And now the committee has officially proposed a change in legislation.

Only two months after the presidential election, the CCNE (National Consultative Committee on Ethics or Comité Consultatif National d’Ethique) has issued a recommendation for granting female couples and single women access to sperm-donor techniques of medically assisted reproduction.

Not only does this statement bring France a step closer to the biggest gay rights reform since same-sex marriage was legalized in 2013 (France was the 14th country in the world to legalize gay marriage). It also makes it possible for French single women and lesbian couples to have the children, the wish for, without having to travel abroad or go against the law.
Alongside the CCNE, French gay rights groups also call on Macron to legislate rapidly, however so far, no official statements have been made from the President on the matter. Please make sure you to read further on this topic here.

​Source: Reuters

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