How we test our sperm donors


We all have little fault in our genes. But when you get pregnant with a sperm donor, you are actually safer than if you did it “the normal way”.

There is no such thing as a perfect man or the perfect woman. In fact, we all have different little imperfections – also on a genetic level.

Even though it is extremely rare that sperm donors turn out to be the cause of a condition in a donor child, it is necessary to be extra careful when screening sperm donors.

​While it is not possible to completely remove all imperfections, we can make sure that we rule out most serious diseases and conditions through testing and thorough screening of the sperm donors.

At European Sperm Bank, less than 10 percent of our sperm donor applicants make it all the way through the screening process.

During this process, all our donor applicants are subjected to among other:

Therefore, we can enforce our strict policy of only selling thoroughly screened sperm of the highest quality.

//posted by Thomas – ​Head Laboratory Technician at European Sperm Bank