I am a sperm donor


What considerations and reasons do sperm donors have for donating? Why do they put in all the time and effort? Could it just be the money, or are they also thinking about the good they do and the people they help? We have asked a few.

For one of our sperm donor, the inspiration, conviction and dedication to become a sperm donor from a good friend:

“I became a sperm donor after learning that my best friend was a donor child. I kept thinking that it was a sperm donor, who made his life possible, and I thought it would be amazing, if I could contribute to make someone’s greatest wish of being a parent come true,” he says.

Another donor continues: “I have not found the woman for me yet, and somehow it is great to know that even if I should never have kids of my own, there will be a part of me out there in the world.” 

As with blood donors, you need to be in good health to be sperm donor at European Sperm Bank
All sperm donor applicants are subject to a thorough screening process, including blood tests and genetic tests before they become active sperm donors. Further, all applicants have to provide a thorough family health history and complete a personality test before entering sperm donor programme at European Sperm Bank. 
As a result, only 5 to 10 % of applicants become donors. 

This is all for the benefit of the many women seeking pregnancy through donor sperm – and a personal stamp of quality for the donors:  “When I finally was approved as a donor after the numerous tests, I was beyond happy with the thought of changing the lives of people, who so badly wish to become parents. I like to think that I have made difference,” he says. 

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//posted by Lilian, Fertility Nurse and Donor Coordinator at European Sperm Bank