Single moms: “The more I found out about it, the righter it felt.”


Many women decide to have children on their own. When Mika Bishop’s relationship ended, she decided to have a baby with the help from a sperm donor.

​Mika Bishop (41) contacted a fertility clinic and participated in seminars about donor conception. “Throughout the process, I was realistic and prepared for it not working, but I knew I had to at least try, otherwise I would regret it”, she says.

How to choose the sperm donor?
For her, it was important to choose an open donor, so her children would someday have the option to meet their biological father. Browsing through the sperm bank’s catalogue of sperm donors, she found a donor, who had said in his handwritten note that he would love to meet the person, he would help create.

Mika was inseminated with donor sperm from the sperm bank at a fertility clinic in the UK. It took three tries and 18 months from the time, she started out until she became pregnant with twin boys.

​Being a single parent is hard work
Having twins was tough in the beginning, and Mika sometimes whished that she’d had a partner to share the work with. But she took things day by day and focused on the wonderful babies she was blessed with, and soon she got on top of the situation.
And as for the fact that the boys are conceived with the help of a sperm donor, Mika explains: “I will normalise my boys’ beginnings and our family set-up from as early as possible. I will explain my decision to have a donor conception when they are ready”.

‘She has been open to her family and friends, and everyone is supportive of her decision to be a single mom. Surprisingly, many of her friends and peers know someone who has done the same.

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//posted by Michael, Communications Specialist at European Sperm Bank