Why are you a sperm donor?


At European Sperm Bank we are very proud of our sperm donors. Selflessly they bring joy to so may people all over the world, and by giving a little part of themselves, they make it possible for others to have their dream of a child come true.

But why take our word for it? Let’s hear what the guys say about what it means to them to donate their sperm.

We have asked a few of our sperm donors to tell us what makes them want to donate their sperm. Here is what they replied:

                   “Being a donor makes me proud. I like the thought of helping people
all over the world to achieve their dream of having a child.”

“I have not found the right woman for me yet, and somehow it is great
to know that even if I should never have kids of my own,
there will be  a part of me out there in the world.”

“Being a donor is great. I get to help someone create a dream child
– what is better that that? AND I get paid to do so.”

                                                          “My sister needed a sperm donor to have my lovely niece
and it made me think that everyone should get that chance
– and that I could help someone like her.”

You can read more stories from the sperm donors and you can also learn more about what it takes to be a sperm donor at European Sperm Bank.

//posted by Michael, Communications Specialist at European Sperm Bank